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NBA Prediction: Chicago Bulls finals contender

The Chicago Bulls have thoroughly evolved throughout past few seasons. They have had their peaks and they have had their pitfalls, but through it all the Bulls have survived some bad times. Now—at what I would call a peak—the Bulls are doing their very best to stay at the top and might be able to make it to the 2013 playoffs.

Last year the Bulls fought to be the top seed in the east and succeeded. The first playoff game the Bulls played was against the Philadelphia Sixers and they were able to win that game, according to, with a final score of 103:91. Derrick Rose scored 23 points and tore his ACL going for a lay-up. With Rose’s absence the Bulls could not escape the Philadelphia 76ers fighting spirit. The Bulls went on to lose the series 4:2. Because their season had gone so well, it came as a shock to the fans when the Bulls lost their first series in the playoffs; but let us not dwell on the past.

This season the Bulls’ have started off on a good a foot. According to, in the first game of their season on Halloween night the boys defeated the Sacramento Kings with a final score of 93:87. They opened at home without Rose, who was out was out due to his torn ACL, and played with their main scorer on the bench.

In this game the Kings led Chicago, 22:18, the first quarter and the second quarter rounded and the Bulls picked up the pace. With nearly two minutes left in the second quarter, Joakim Noah led the fast break down the court and passed to Richard “Rip” Hamilton. Hamilton missed and Noah jumped up to tip it in. Toward the end of this game the bulls got sloppy and started to miss easy points, but they were still able to showcase what they know best, and pull through.

The second game of the season they went on to slaughter the Cleveland Cavaliers; in a 115:86 game. The Cavaliers were no match for a developed team like the Bulls, or any team for that matter.

The Bulls’ third game of the season was a blow to their esteem. They fell to the New Orleans Hornets with a final score of 82:89. Throughout the game there were several times were the teams were tied for points.

Both teams had great defense and offense, but the Hornets played a little better. The Bulls executed very well. The problem was not that they had done something completely awry; the problem was that the Hornets have a better center and they know how to play better in the paint. When there is a man bigger than Noah on the floor he tenses up and acts as if he has not been playing professional basketball for going on five years.

Overall the Bulls are a great team. They are well rounded and do not need to rely on star players, like Rose, to beat the competition. They have a great bench and even better starting lineup. If they continue to do what they have been doing, minus the minor setback with the Hornets, they will thrive as a team. It may be a bit early in the season, but I foresee the Bulls making it to the finals this year.

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