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Player Profile: Kellee Mahaffay

Player Profile: Kellee Mahaffay

A four year player for UIS, senior Kellee Mahaffay feels it is her duty to be the leader and role model for the team’s underclassmen. Coach Noelle Rooke describes her as the team’s offensive go-to.

Prior to playing for UIS, Mahaffay played for her high school volleyball team and club teams. She comes from Coal City, Ill. playing club soccer for five years at Sports Performance and UNO Volleyball Club.

Mahaffay is an outside hitter for UIS tallying 167 kills this season. She has also competed in all but one match this season. Mahaffay has also had eight service aces so far this season and 93 digs. She racked up 187.5 points and made 23 blocks.

Mahaffay is currently second in total kills for the team and has made more than 10 kills in six games this season.

Nineteen kills were made in the match against McKendree for Mahaffay’s season high. She also accomplished her most points and digs in a season contest with 20.5 points and 15 digs in the same match.

Last season, Mahaffay made an appearance in every game and made 277 kills, 28 blocks and 239 digs. She led her team in kills last season and placed second for the most service aces.

Rooke describes Mahaffay as a comedic player because she keeps it “light hearted on the court” even when her team is down. She added that Mahaffay likes to have fun but added that she knows “when to get down to business.”

Voted captain of the team by her fellow teammates, Rooke said that Mahaffay “embraces her role in every sense of the word.”

She added that the team would lack energy without her – she communicates and is a constant presence for UIS volleyball.

Mahaffay stated that a positive for UIS volleyball is the “phenomenal team chemistry” and also the very knowledgeable coaching staff.

Mahaffay is a social work major with a minor in elementary education. She would like to work towards a position in one of the two areas after graduating UIS. She chose UIS because “it was close enough to home and far enough away to get the college experience and grow up a little.”

As a senior, one of Mahaffay’s future goals is to be a volleyball coach. She coached at nearby Christ the King Middle School last year and will coach again this year. Mahaffay also hopes to coach next year at Sacred Heart-Griffin High School.

Mahaffay said that having no drama is “very rare” for a team and that this is a “blessing.”

Rooke explained that she “works well with the team, Kellee is one of two players that has been here for four years.” Rooke also added that she has “embodied UIS volleyball and has put her heart and soul into this school and this program.”

The four years that she has spent at UIS and played volleyball have helped Mahaffay because she has “gained a lot more knowledge of the sport.” Although the teams have not had the best records, being able to play a college sport is an “amazing and phenomenal experience” and she is grateful for that.

Coach Rooke said that it is a “blessing that I got to inherit her and even have two years with her.” Also that she is a “great asset to the school and to the program.”

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